COVID May 8 update

Update from your Member of Provincial Parliament regarding COVID-19

As spring continues and we are starting to have a taste of summer, we start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly but surely, restrictions will be eased as long as we continue to use proper precautions regarding social distancing. Because of our collective work, we are winning the fight against this pandemic. We must continue the great work that is being done to ensure that the situation keeps improving. thank you for doing your part.

If you need help finding food banks, mental health resources or financial relief programs, I invite you to dial 211 for useful information.

Gradual reopening

As of Monday all retail stores with a street entrance that can provide curbside pickup and delivery, as well as in-store payment and purchases at garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores and safety supply stores can open. Businesses must still follow health and safety guidelines developed by the province and its health and safety association partners.

Essential construction projects are being expanded to allow below-grade multi-unit residential construction projects like apartments and condominiums to begin and existing above-grade projects to continue. The Framework for Reopening our Province includes guiding principles for the safe, gradual reopening of businesses, services and public spaces. Make sure to look into it if you have any questions or concerns about the framework and the process for reopening.

Healthcare Updates

Mental Health Support

The Government has committed $12 million to help mental health agencies hire and train more staff, purchase the necessary equipment and technology they need to help patients, and support the creation and enhancement of virtual and online supports for mental health services.At, people can find information about the different virtual mental health and wellness options that meet their unique needs, including online therapy.

Plan to Resume Scheduled Surgeries and Procedures

Hospitals may begin planning for the gradual resumption of scheduled surgeries and procedures while maintaining the capacity to respond to COVID-19.

Parliamentary Roles

It is with excitement that I will begin my parliamentary work at Queen’s Park next week. In accordance with my expertise I will assume the role of critic for the following ministries:

– Solicitor General
– Women’s issues
– Attorney General
– Environment, Conservation and Parks

Please continue to write to us to let us know of your concerns.

Lucille Collard, MPP