December 11th Update

  • Community Update

Can you believe it’s December already? Here are some updates from the last two weeks!
Supporting our Community
The holiday season can be especially difficult for vulnerable individuals and families. We are fortunate to count on several organizations that support those in need in our community in Ottawa-Vanier.
Last week, our team participated in the virtual 15th annual Snowflake Breakfast in support of the Partage Vanier food bank. Residents of Ottawa-Vanier and beyond demonstrated their solidarity and generosity and the goal of $45,000 was exceeded! Reaching out to organizations in your neighbourhoods is a great way to make a difference for those in need.
Closing Out The Session At Queen’s Park
The government has adjourned the work at Queen’s Park two days early, despite the important work that remains to be done to fight the impacts of COVID. In the final moments, we debated my colleague MPP John Fraser’s motion calling for a clear and transparent roll out plan of COVID-19 vaccines. You can watch my remarks in French in support of a proactive plan at this link.
The government also used the last two days at Queen’s Park to rush through legislation that was very contentious.
Countless individuals and stakeholders across the province voiced concerns over Bill 213, which allows the Canada Christian College, headed by Charles McVety, to expand its mandate. It is no secret that Charles McVety, a friend of the Premier, spreads racist, homophobic and transphobic rhetoric. Yet the government pushed through this legislation anyway. It was an extremely shameful and discouraging moment in the House.
The government also passed Bill 229, their Budget bill. While I wanted to support this legislation for its COVID-19 recovery initiatives, the Bill sneaked in harmful changes to environmental protections that I couldn’t accept. Schedule 6 of the bill takes away the authority of Conservation Authorities to fulfill their mandate to protect environmentally-sensitive areas. The proposed changes would be disastrous for flood prevention and harm provincially-significant wetlands. You can read my and MPP Mitzie Hunter’s call for amendments to the bill at this link.
COVID-19 Testing Centre in Vanier!
Great news! There is finally a more accessible testing centre available for residents in and around Vanier. A temporary COVID-19 testing centre is now available at 270 Marier Avenue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-6 p.m. The centre also provides access to other social supports including food, housing and health education. Find more information on this here.
Finally, I would also like to wish a very happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating!
Talk soon,