January 29th Update

  • Community Update
Working with our Youth Council on building a greener economy.

How have you been?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already a month into the new year. My thoughts are with everyone in Ottawa-Vanier as we keep on having to adjust to the latest measures. Here are a few updates from the last two weeks:

Reopening Schools
Yesterday, the government announced that schools in Ottawa will reopen on Monday. It should give us confidence that Vera Etches, our Medical Officer of Health in Ottawa, is supportive of the reopening of schools. It is possible to support children’s mental health by allowing them to go back to school safely using tools like screening, testing, masking, case and contact management and outbreak management to handle COVID-19 in the community.

Parents, it’s time to start using the COVID-19 Screening Tool for School again. This tool can help you decide whether your child should go to school. Monitoring for symptoms is the best way to keep the virus out of schools.

Free Counselling Services
The pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health and you’re not alone if you’ve been having a hard time. Did you know that “Counselling Connect” offers free counselling to residents of the greater Ottawa area in both English and French? It’s okay to need to ask for help and support is available if you need it. Visit their website for more information: 

Vanier Pop-Up Testing Site
Testing remains an essential element in the fight against the virus. I wanted to include a reminder of the COVID-19 Pop-Up Testing Site at the Vanier Community Service Centre. Beyond COVID-19 testing, the site offers wrap-around social supports including food, housing and health education. Read the fact sheet on this location here.

Wateridge Village Commemoration Project
Canada Lands Company is developing a commemoration program in partnership with the Algonquins of Ontario for Wateridge Village in the riding. This is an important initiative to commemorate the area’s history and to recognize local Algonquin, veteran, Francophone, and other histories of the site. They are looking to hear from anyone that has stories related to experience on the site and the surrounding area to contribute to this consultation. Visit https://www.clcsic.ca/commemoration-wateridge-riverains to learn more and get in touch.

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