Joint statement on the LPAT’s decision of 333 Montreal Road

  • Community Update

The community of Ottawa-Vanier deserves safe, dignified, long-term housing solutions.

We are disappointed to learn that the Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal’s (LPAT) has decided to allow the zoning elements of the Salvation Army’s proposal at 333 Montreal Road.

We remain clear and consistent. When seeking solutions to end homelessness, priority needs to include solutions for the Indigenous, racialized and LGBTQ2+ communities, along with women and families. There must be equal access to permanent and stable housing for all.  

We are honoured to represent such a strong community. We want to thank the many community organizations, including the leadership of SOS Vanier, who have been advocating for long-term, housing first solutions for our most vulnerable.

As representatives from all three levels of government, we remain steadfast in our commitment to support every resident of the Ottawa—Vanier community. We will continue to work with leaders from across the City and advocate for modern solutions to support our residents in need of housing.

Hon. Mona Fortier, Member of Parliament, Ottawa—Vanier

Lucille Collard, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa—Vanier

Mathieu Fleury, City Councilor, Ward 12, Rideau—Vanier